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A Brief Story About The Connections

Looking for Wellness & Finding Passion

Connections Mind-Body Wellness isn’t just a business. It’s a place for you to become the best version of yourself – whatever that looks like! The beauty of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga is that there are no goals or achievements. These mind-body practices are tools for you to use in whatever ways suits you. Concentration? Yes. Stress relief? No doubt. Self-esteem? You’ll be amazed!


We created Connections with the hope of spreading wellness because that’s our passion. What’s yours?




I'm Kira Markoff, PhD, LCSW-C, CCTP, YTT200

Owner and Operator of Connections

That's a lot of letters, I know. Honestly, what it boils down to is just that I like to learn. So far, my learning has come from 3 different spaces - psychology, clinical (social work, mental health therapy), and yoga. I've come to believe that a major part of living in wellness is allowing yourself to acknowledge and follow through with your passion. I'm passionate about learning and then transforming what I've learned into something that I can share with others. This space is one realization of that passion. May it bring you peace and comfort.


Mindfulness and Me: A Practical Guide for Living 

"Every   beautiful   and   wonderful   thing   happens   in   the   present  moment... Being in the now also gives you the power to make changes.  You  can  plan  and  prepare  all  you  want,  but  it  takes  being  in  the  moment  and  deciding  to  actually  do  something  different in order to make a change in your life. Mindfulness is a practice of empowerment. It all starts here.” (Pg. 10-11)

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