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Are you ready to see mindfulness in a whole new way? As a set of relevant practices for emotional stability, concentration, insight, relaxation, self-control, and mental fortitude, mindfulness was never intended to be shrouded in mystery. Current psychological research shows that just 8 weeks of daily mindful meditation practices significantly lowers the activity in the fear (a.k.a. stress) center of the brain. Mindfulness and Me: A Practical Guide for Living is a myth-busting, philosophy-integrating handbook designed to lead you through 8 weeks of practices for creating a meaningful, empowered, kind, and relaxed life. To prove there's nothing mystical or magical about mindfulness, these practices integrate Buddhist, yoga, and Christian philosophy, mental health treatment, modern psychology, and so much more. Mindfulness and Me will take you through the biology of stress, changing thought patterns, managing emotions, and having a better relationship with yourself and others. There's nothing magical about it. It just makes sense.

Mindfulness and Me: A Practical Guide for Living

  • 200 pages

    Language - English

    ISBN - 1803412224

    Publisher - O Books

    Dimensions - 5.51 x 0.59 x 8.5

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