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What is Connections?

Your home for all things yoga, meditation, & mindfulness. Under the free resources tab, you'll find educational content about the background and benefits of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and the mind/body connection in general. There are also some free practices there too! Plans and pricing is a way to get all of your classes and content at the lowest price based on your needs. All the recorded content is organized into courses by category. 

Virtual mental health treatment available for residents of MD and PA

Please use this link to get started or for more information on cash rates, accepted insurances, and available appointment times. 


Why opt for a session with Connections?

Always trauma-informed. From a mental health therapist. Straight-forward and practical. Everything is developed and recorded by Kira Markoff, PhD, LCSW-C, CCTP, YTT200. Her work is guided by current scientific research, her work as a mental health therapist, and her background as a trained yoga teacher. All of these worlds come together to create easy to use, helpful, and low cost healing practices.


My goal is to make you feel safe in your body, with your mind, and in this moment.


I see you. I know that you suffer. These practices have been handed down over the years with the sole purpose of helping you to suffer less. You're stressed, tired, and hurting. Maybe you never remember a time that you felt safe in your body, let alone comfortable! I've been there. These practices changed my life, and I know they will change yours too.


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